General Protection fault! problem when playing a game

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Hi! I get a Microsoft error message when I try to play game following an apparently successful installation. The Error message contains this information:

General Protection fault!
History: Address = 0x6dab1e (filename not found)
0x4015be (filename not found) 4 other similar lines referencing filename not found addresses
RegisterWaitForInputIdle() Address = 0x7c817067 (filename not found).

I need to solve this. Thank you!

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General Protection fault! problem when playing a game


     Issue about video graphics on computers are the most usually error in games. You got this error because there are some errors from your video card or from your video drivers installed in your computer. For you to solve this error, you need to update your video drivers. Go to your video card on device manager right click it and then click update driver. You may also uninstall driver and install latest driver if it not work for updating it. This will automatically download latest updates. Make sure that your computer is connected to internet. This will solve your problem. Good luck.

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