General printer failure” with Pagemaker 6.5

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My wife is a high school teacher. She teaches theatre and journalism. Yes, that goes hand in hand while I help you with the design of the school paper as it used to in the weekly University with Chad and Brad. Last night around midnight I finished the final design fits. When you try to print to a PostScript file to distill in a PDF on my other computer, I received the following error:

General printer failure” with Pagemaker 6.5

An error occurred while printing.

General printer failure.

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General printer failure” with Pagemaker 6.5


This appears to be a file permission issue.

You have the following setup that you are trying to get a print from:

Dual Computers: Your WinXP and your Wife's Win2k.

Your wife's computer has a share folder over the network where the file resides. Your wife works with those files locally.

PM {Page Maker} 6.52

Adobe PostScript Universal Windows Driver 1.0.6, printing to the file.

When printing a file using PM, one cannot determine where the files are saved. Basically the files are save right next to the .P65 file you are working with. You would have tried to print the .PS file over the network where the file was stored. You may have also tried to print the file sitting on your wife's computer, but that would have not worked. As the files are still at the shared folder, these would have issued the permission issue with the shared folder.

What you actually need to do is move your files out of the shared folder to a totally normal local folder with standard permission like that off C:Temp Folder. This should solve the problem.

Hope This Helps!

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