GameGuard Doesn’t start error 114

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Hello, I am unable to initialize Game Guard in my windows XP operating system.

Every time the initialization is failing with a message as ERROR 114.

I have restarted the system, but the problem hasn’t been solved.

Now I am looking at you for some help. Thanks. 

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GameGuard Doesn’t start error 114


I sometimes encounter this error when I’m playing Cabal Online. Instead of the game client window opening, I rather see a different window that explains about the error.

This is another problem with nProtect GameGuard that can easily be solved. Error 114 is only an initialization error with the game client which means that the game can not initialize properly, or there are not enough resources on the computer for the full initialization process of the application.

When you encounter this problem, try restarting your computer then try it again. If the same thing happens on the next attempt, try temporarily disabling your antivirus. The monitoring capability of the antivirus might be affecting the initialization process of the game.

If the game still can not launch, try closing some running applications in the background.

These are the applications that launch automatically during Windows startup. Close them one at a time.

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GameGuard Doesn’t start error 114


I have experienced the same problem while playing some games. It was always irritating.

I could never solve it, and because of this error I had to abandon many games I loved. 

But now I know how to counter it! I tried restarting, but it again showed the error so I disabled the monitoring ability of the antivirus and it worked 100%, thanks to the expert and

You saved my gaming life.


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