Game causing web text to appear in bold or italics

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Hello everyone!

Just some minutes ago i was playing a game on my notebook. The game refused to respond to the mouse clicks and hanged. I could not do any navigation, the game won’t exit.

I had to press CTRL + ALT + DEL to open the task manager. From there i managed to exit the game. I never notice anything strange after i closed the game. The speed, response time e.t.c was normal.

Soon afterwards, i noticed something weird with Google Talk Messenger. All the names of those who were online were appearing in Italics. This was similar to any other web page i tried to open. The text were either in italics or bold or both.

I have tried to ask around, no one has a clue. Tried search on the net, got nothing to solve my problem.

This is kind of absurd. Am i the first one to experience such a problem or what? My spec Acer notebook 2.2 GHz processor The Operating System is Windows Vista Premium Memory of 2 GB RAM 160 GB Hard Disk Please help.

I want to get rid of this strange problem.

Any idea, advice, anything will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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Game causing web text to appear in bold or italics


Try changing the global font settings in your Vista. Go to your Control Panel and click on "Appearance and Personalization". Then choose "Window Color and Appearance".

(If no dialog pops out, you may click "Open classic appearance properties"). Then click "Advanced". You can change your fonts from there.

Or you can try to use a different web browser and compare it with your first web browser.
If it is alright with your second browser, then there must be a problem with your first web browser settings. 
Go to your first web browser and clear your browser cache, histories and browsing data.
Then restart your computer.
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Game causing web text to appear in bold or italics


Since the game already crashed while you were playing it, the error that originated from the game caused a serious effect on the computer and created some changes on how Windows displays in some applications.

The error somehow made a great impact on the settings of some of the applications installed in Windows. Check your hard drive using any disk utility application to see if there is any problem in the drive’s file structure or just use Windows’ own disk check utility.

  1. Right click on drive C and then select Properties.
  2. Click Tools tab.
  3. Click Check Now.
  4. Check Automatically fix file system errors and then hit Start.

If you are still experiencing problems with the game you just played, uninstall it completely.

Try installing other games that are much compatible with your hardware to avoid any system problems that might cripple Windows.

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