Getting crc message when copying mp3 file.Help?

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Hello ! I have ice audio m100 mp3 player.From last few days I am getting crc message when copying mp3 file.I have checked thoroughly for integrity of mp3 files.But still no solution. Please suggest what to do.Thank you.

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Getting crc message when copying mp3 file.Help?



CRC message appears every time when your computer reads corrupt data. There are several things you can check to fix CRC error:

– If you have accumulation of dirt or scratched CD or DVD, try with cleaning the CD or DVD.

– If you have some hardware problems, check and clean your cd and dvd drives.

– This issue you may have if you have software problem such as incomplete downloads, system crash or applications with bugs. Check your file to see is it complete downloaded.

– If you loose connection between hard drive and computer, you should verify all the connections to resolve the problem.

– CRC message may be displayed is when you have problems with your hard disk., actually when your hard disk have bad sector. For checking this go to Start->Run and type cmd. Then If your DVD drive is E on your computer and the nicks.txt is stored in tngaudio in DVD then type: C:>E: to change the disk drive, then type:    

E:>cd tngaudio

E:tngaudio>xcopy nicks.txt NUL

If  your command reads the file you have no issue with it.

– The last thing you can try to do is repairing the hard disk. Start->RUN type cmd and open the terminal. Type chkdsk /r to remove error from the hard disk.


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Getting crc message when copying mp3 file.Help?


When a file has a CRC error, it means the file itself is already broken. If you are copying an MP3 file from your computer to your MP3 player, I’m not sure if you will be able to copy it successfully if the file is already damaged. CRC is the short term for “Cyclic Redundancy Check”. It is a method used to identify errors in digital data.

It is a hash function that detects unintentional changes to raw computer data normally used in digital telecommunications networks and storage devices like hard drives. In a CRC, a constant number of check bits or frequently called a “checksum” is appended to the message that needs to be transmitted. The data receivers receive the data and examine the check bits for any errors.

Data receivers accurately verify the attached check value by finding the remainder of the polynomial division of the contents transmitted. If an error was identified, a negative acknowledgement is transmitted asking for data re-transmission.

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