FSMO Role Error ID 2087 and Server Errors

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Hello everyone! I own a server (Server B) that’s currently unavailable and unable to join any other domain on my forest server DC (Server A). Since I keep on receiving FSMO role error ID 2087 and for me to remove my server (Server A), I decided to use Ntdsutil to remove the metadata but still failed. My server (Server A) is still unavailable and unable to establish a connection to my forest server (Server B). I tried deleting it from domain controller OU but it still won’t allow me from removing it from the active directory domain & trusts, and won’t also allow me to replace the existing domain (Server A). I’ve tried searching the net for any possible solutions but I wasn’t able to come across any information that can help me. If any of you guys have knowledge regarding this subject matter, please help me. I will be very glad if you can help me solve this matter.

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FSMO Role Error ID 2087 and Server Errors


I will suggest that you try doing the following and see if it will help you resolve your problem:

  • First, you should try removing the references to so as to stale the domain controllers.
  • Next you might want to try making an offline or non-functioning domain controller operational and see the response.
  • For the domain controllers which are used for hosting AD-integrated DNS zones you should make sure that they do not point to a single domain controller, and especially.·
  • The other thing you might want to try is making sure that the destination domain controllers are able to resolve source domain controllers using DNS, and by that you will have to avoid fallback.

-Mathew Stone


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