Freeware graphics that don’t require administrator rights

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I want to download a free (Let me reiterate I mean FREE, like originally free, not the illegal copy) drawing/graphics software. You know, like Corel Draw, Paint Tool Sai, Adobe Illustrator, and other softwares. Here is the catch: they all need Administrator privileges and some, passwords! I cannot access the Administrator for my own reasons.

Anyway, does any of you know a drawing/graphics freeware that doesn't require Administrator rights?

Thanks guys.

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Freeware graphics that don’t require administrator rights


Why don't you use the GIMP portable version? It's freely distributed program. As it is portable you don't need administrative privileges.

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Freeware graphics that don’t require administrator rights


GNU Image Manipulation Program, shortly call as GIMP.

  • You can install it on any operating systems, means that it is cross-platform software. It has over 100 plug-ins already available now. Plug-ins which are allowed for add new file formats and new effect filters.
  • Basically it is written and developed under UNIX platforms. But can run the same code on Mac OS and MS Windows OS.
  •  It is a freely distributed software piece which can use for image authoring, photo retouching and image composition tasks.
  • Other than above it has many capabilities:
  • You can use it as an easy, trouble free paint program or an expert quality photo retouching program.
  • Or else as an Online Batch Processing System, an Image Format Converter, and Image Renderer for mass production and many more.

Features include:

  • Customizable Interface.

    • GIMP allows you to customize the interface the way you like it.
    • Widget theme.

      • Allows you to change colors.
      • Widget spacing and icon sizes to custom tool sets in the toolbox.
    • Docks.

      • Allows stacking them into tabs or keeping them open in their own window.
    • Full screen mode.

      • Not only preview your artwork but also do editing work while using it.
  • Photo Enhancement.

    • Fix perspective distortion.
    • Channel mixer.
    • Black and White photography.
  • Digital detailed image retouching and free-form drawing.

    • Clone tool for get rid of unneeded details.
    • Healing tool for touch up minor details.
    • Perspective clone tool for clone objects with perspective back.
  • Painting.

    • Painting tools such as Pencil, Brush, Clone, Airbrush, Custom brushes and patterns. etc.
    • Anti-aliasing.
    • Blend.
    • Gradient Editor.
  • Advanced Manipulation.

    • Fully supported alpha channel.
    • Channels and Layers.
    • Undo/Redo Multiple chances.
    • Text layers.
    • Transformation tools such as Scale, Rotate, Flip and Shear.
    • Resizing, editing, and cropping photos.
    • Selection tools such as Rounded Rectangle, Rectangle, Ellipse, Free, and Fuzzy.
    • Foreground extraction.
    • Photomontages combining multiple images.
    • Advanced Path Tool (Bezier curves and Polygonal Selections).
    • Transformable Paths.
    •  Transformable Selections.
    • Quick masks.
  • Extensible.

    • Advanced Scripting such as Python and Perl.
  • Animation.

    • Frame-as-Layer Format.
    • MNG support.
    • Blue-box.
    • Frame Navigator.
    • Onion Skin.
    • Basic animated images in the GIF format.
  • File Handling.

    • Supported file formats.

      • Tiff, ps, tga, svg, bmp, gif, png, psd, jpeg, xpm, mng, pcx, pdf, etc.
    • Display, converting between different image formats, Load, saves into numerous file formats.
    • Import/export SVG path.
  • So I think GIMP is ideal software for your requirement. Freely available raster graphics editor for image retouching and editing.
  • GIMP's product vision is “Becoming a free software high-end graphics application for the editing and creation of original images, icons, graphical elements of web pages and art for user interface elements".
  • So what do you think? Want to use it? I bet you do.
  • Use a portable one from
  • The installable one you can take from

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