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I downloaded Free Download Manager from but I get this error

"Free Download Manager is not properly installed! Please reinstall Free Download Manager or try to reboot your computer.
Error Code: 0x80080005"
I re- downloaded the software around 5 times already still I get the error.
I tried rebooting and re-downloading.
I tried downloading it with my laptop and it worked.
But when I tried to download it again on my desktop I get the error again.
Can anyone help me out with this?

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Helo Dear Shaider,

Not only you, many people like you face this problem while installing the free download manager. This is an application for Microsoft windows OS to enable users enjoy downloads using an open source graphical download manager. By using this application, you can download videos, flash games and upload files on internet. It can also work as a site manager, explorer and HTML spider at the same time also.

Now coming to your problem, it seems like the application can not be installed in your desktop, the reason maybe lack of requirements are there in your desktop to run the program or it may not support the latest version of the application.

You can download the basic version from the links below:

In the website above, you will find several versions are there for this application, just check the availability of any one of those for your desktop and you may download it from there.

The another solution to this problem is to use different download manager for your desktop. The Download accelerator plus (DAP), internet download manager (IDM) are two most commonly used managers to download files. You can try those applications to download your files from internet. The download links are below:

For further quires, let us know again.

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The reason for this might be the connection speed of the desktop computer. You said that it works fine in a laptop but not in the desktop computer. So basically the issue here is the connection speed or the specifications of your desktop.

Try downloading it again and be sure to close any other applications running so that the computer will focus on one process which is only downloading and see the results. If it still fails then uninstall it and run the setup again in compatibility mode.

In running compatibility mode., you must first locate the setup/installation file and right click it and select properties. On the properties select the compatibility tab then check the box before the label "Run this program in compatibility mode for:" and select the operating system of your choice in the drop down list box. If it still fails, choose another operating system in the compatibility mode.

If all of the above fail to install the program in your desktop then you may try to copy the program  from your laptop which is working. Save it in the removable drive or CD and try to copy and run it in your desktop.