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I own a PSP vita and forgot my I've reset the vita and entered new account info for Sony online and it won't read my memory do I fix this?

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A.      You just need to reset again your lost password.

       These are the following steps on how to reset passwords in PSP vista:

1.       Go on settings, and then click system settings.

2.       Restore default setting and click yes.

3.       When it turns off, don’t worry about it.

4.       Turn it again, choose your language and choose the time.

5.       Go on security settings, and change your new password.

B.      If your memory card is not working, these are the things that you need to do:

1.       Just relax and try another PSP memory card, try to see if its work.

2.       Format memory card from a card reader but be reminded that all the data will be lost.

These are the different steps on how to format the PSP Memory card:

a.       Push HOME button on the bottom left of the face of the unit.

b.      Use arrow keys to move to the SETTINGS area, then move the up and down keys until you get to System Settings.

c.       Click on the "X" button; scroll up and down as needed until you find the Format Memory Stick. Click again on the “X” to select that option.

d.      The Sony PSP will now confirm that you want to reformat the memory card, choose yes and it will format in just a few seconds.