The flex 4 database report is it possible

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Experts! I’m looking for software that I can use. I have one in mind flex 4 database report is what I want to develop. Is it possible to use this one? Your comments and suggestion will be highly appreciated. Thanks guys.



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The flex 4 database report is it possible


Hello Noel,

Flex 4:

Flex 4 uaed to create a ideal problem solving guide on the Adobe Flash Platform for developing interactive rich internet software. 
The following new features for the SDK are available with Flex 4:
  1. Namespaces
  2. Components
  3. Component architecture
  4. Text primitives
  5. Language tags
  6. Two-way data binding
  7. Drag and Drop
  8. FXG
  9. States
  10. Layouts
  11. Effects
  12. Advanced CSS
  13. HTML wrappers
  14. Deferred instantiation
  15. DataGroup
  16. ASDoc
  17. Conditional compilation
To know more details please check the​ Features and Migration Guide link or this Flex 4 Cookbook
Hope this would help you.
Thank you.
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The flex 4 database report is it possible


Hello, Sammy Noel!

Yes, definitely you can do it. You know, some of its awesome features can help you to get desired goal. Flex 4 is widely used to create an ideal problem-solving guide.

Also, it's an Adobe Flash Platform that is used to develop interactive, rich internet software.

It includes Namespaces, Two-way data, Binding, Advanced CSS, Conditional compilation, FXG, HTML wrappers, Text primitives, Components, Deferred instantiation, Language tags, States, Effects, Layouts, Component architecture and so on. These new features are available with Flex 4.

Enjoy it!

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