Flash Problem with MSI GeForce GT

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Does anyone have any idea on how to flash an ordinary MSI GeForce 8800GT to GeForce 9800GT?

Icant seem to find any solution to this and I would like to try it out how can i do this? Please help me.

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Flash Problem with MSI GeForce GT


Hi  Cecelia, yes you can flash Geforce 8800GT to GeForce 9800GT.  Find a bios 65nm 9800GT with the same PCB as yours and flash it, bios mods for that are everywhere. And run it at stock volts and clocks. 

It will work because that is exactly the first 9800 GT, a re-flash of the 8800GT, just be sure of the right bios because there are actually 3 standard versions of cards.  A re-branded 8800s, the 65nm and then the 55 mm, not mentioning other non-reference card. 

Even if the bios is the same, but the card is different, it still works. Just see this link if it helps. http://www.mvktech.net

And also this link for comparison. https://3dnews.ru

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