VGA video card to PCI slot

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I have a motherboard and it has a PCI video card slot. My problem is that I can't use my existing video card which is VGA. Is there a way for me to use my old VGA video card?

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VGA video card to PCI slot



Hi James R. Wilson,

     Yes, it is possible to insert your VGA video card to a PCI slot. VGA is more to a display hardware rather than a type of slot of a video card. Since you said that it is an old VGA card, then I can assume it has an AGP slot since old video cards have AGP slots. Your video card supports VGA display rather than it has a VGA slot. Anyway, it is possible. You should buy an AGP to PCI adapter. Make sure it is PCI not PCI-E adapter. Upon installing, insert first the adapter, and then turn on your computer. Install the newly found hardware. Just follow the instructions; it should be very easy. Once you have installed it, turn off your computer, and then insert your video card to the adapter.

Hope this helps.

>>Mathew Joni<<

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