Fix for CRC Error and recover files in my Hard Drive

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I'm having a problem with my back up hard drive. My D: Drive is recognized in Windows and in my BIOS, but when I try to access the drive in Windows, the computer will freeze. I was able to get some files off of the drive using “GetDataBack”, but some of my important files are not accessible. I've also tried copying the files in DOS, but get a cyclic redundancy check error. Is there anything I can do to get past/repair the CRC errors and recover all of my files?

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Fix for CRC Error and recover files in my Hard Drive


1. The error cyclic redundancy check CRC occurs due to the bad spot on hard disk. The bad spot may be found in the file when a file is copied.  So your file has to be recovered and then hard drive must be repaired.

2. To confirm that the problem comes from the copied file, you shall
a. Open Command Prompt and copy it to NUL.
b. C:/>CD (where location of file), C:/where>copy outlook.pst NUL. One (1) file is copied.

The entire file will then be read. You shall copy the file to a different disk to test whether the file has no problem.

3. If the copy fails the test, the file has a problem. In this case some data have lost for sure though there are chances to recover part of it.  To do this, the file has to be copied to another hard drive. Follow this.
a. Open command prompt C:/>CD (where location of file)
b. C:/wherever>xcopy c Outlook.pst D:

4. You can also try to repair the hard drive so that any data will not be lost. Try a hard drive maintenance and recovery software named SpinRite which is not expensive. A lengthy analysis will be run on the hard drive and the data will not be modified.  If SpinRite find any bad sector, the bad sector will be recovered.

5. The next thing is MSWindows CHKDSK utility which is not effective as SpinRite. The recovery and analysis will not be same deep as SpinRite and types of hard disk failures could be recovered. Follow this. Open command prompt. C:/>CHKDSK/ R.  The parameter /R indicates that any errors shall be checked and repaired.
After entering the command, reboot the computer.  Please be reminded that CHKDSK is a temporary solution.

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Fix for CRC Error and recover files in my Hard Drive


Is your "back up drive" an internal hard drive or is it an external hard drive?

Here are my suggestions for your situation:

  1. Check the cable of your back up drive.  If it's IDE or SATA make sure that the connections are not loose.  If the connection is not loose, then it may be a bad cable.  Borrow a friend's IDE or SATA cable and see if that solves your problem.
  2. Check you RAM.  I usually encounter CRC errors when something is wrong with the memory.  Use memtest86+ ( to verify if your RAM is working properly.  Most Linux LiveCDs (such as Ubuntu CD) has this memory testing tool that you can use.
  3. Run scandisk on your D: drive.

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