First DC , FQDN/Domain name selection

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I installed the first domain controller allocating the root DC and we have already a domain name as some and the domain provider is used in controlling the DNS settings like and the process can be described as when anyone enters the address is also used in hosting the Domain name provider.

Later I made use of MS Exchange 2010 in the domain environment other than using the hosting company which is provided by using the mail service and it has many types of limitations so the main theme is that If I make use of on root DC for FQDN then some necessary steps needed to be taken in eradicating this and even the site must be hosted if I no need the web server.

I have 2 multiple branch offices for joining with the domain in pointing to the root DC’s or IP constantly. So please provide me in solving this issue. Thank You.

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First DC , FQDN/Domain name selection


Since you are using two different services for maintaining two different DC for your website or the sever, so there are few possibilities that its causing few redundancies that is causing the problem.

  1. Make sure that the DC settings about the DNS are not mixed up.
  2. After that, if it is automatically set, then make sure that they never end up having the same DNS server since it will cause ambiguity.
  3. If you want to use the MS Exchange server, then use the quick configuration wizard as it will guide you throughout the process of setting up the root DC or the IP address constantly. It will clear out all the redundancies and other things that you might miss doing it manually.

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