Firefox problem, Cannot open a website

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   I am a student, I have a DSL connection at home. Sometimes when our professor decides, He will let us take an online exam at CISCO. I am taking up CCNA 1. Sometimes or most of the times, I am using Firefox to visit CISCO web site. Sometimes also when I use Firefox, there is a problem opening the CISCO site, I have to refresh and refresh again, sometimes this solution but most of the time does not. How can I fix this problem. Most of the time, if Firefox can not open a site, I use Google chrome and then Google chrome opens the site. I don't quite like Google chrome because it is not user friendly. please help me, 

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Firefox problem, Cannot open a website


Firefox is not able to open where other browsers are able to open means the reason behind this is because of the following factors

1. Some internet security programs have blocked the internet access if they are in "disable" mode. So , make sure that your internet security software is the latest one. To configure the settings go to Firewall section in tools menu

2. Firefox Connection Settings

  • If you are connecting through a proxy server which is having problems then you have problem of loading the websites., so check for Firefox proxy settings.
  •     In browser goto Tools-> options–> Advanced panel and select Network tab.
  •     In connection section go to Settings and now change the proxy settings accordingly whether you are using the proxy or not.
  •     Close connection setting and click on Ok to close options window.

3. IPv6

By default firefox supports IPv6 which will cause connection problems for some systems, so disable that by typing

  •     about:config in the location bar and press enter.
  •     Ignore the warning message and click on I'll be careful to continue.
  •     In filter tab type network.dns.disableIPv6.
  •     In preferences list now double click network.dns.disableIPV6 value as true.

4.DNS Prefetching

  • Firefox tries to speed up loading new websites by using DNS prefetching , which may cause page loading errors with few specific systems. So disable DNS prefetching.
  •     Type and press enter about:config in location bar. Ignore the warning message 
  •     Right click on preferences list and select New and select it as Boolean and enter name as network.dns.disablePrefetch and click ok button
  •     Set the value as true and close.

5. And Lastly , clear the Recent History by going to History menu and clear recent history. This will first clear the cookies and cache. If you are using windows operating system a few internet temporary files reside in the system and troubles at the bootstrap functioning. try to delete those temporary files.

  •     Go to Start -> run –> type in %temp% ,  a window will be opened here and you will find so many temporary files , delete them all.

Hope this article could help you to solve.

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Firefox problem, Cannot open a website


Hello hudson

  • You  can try to use Mozilla firefox 4.1, 3.6,.5.1 versions. It helps to you starting new. Hope you will solve about the problem by sing these terms. If your Internet connection speed being slow as ipv of Firefox then you may increase your connection types. If you still want to use Firefox. You can try this formula:
  • setting= menu Bar= view= page style then you have to click No style.
  • For an emergency browsing it will help you. another suggestions for you. It is home connection or public connection you used DSL. Because area and server being very much important to serve connection speed. Contact on your DSL operator. This will help you.


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