Finding the Location of the File

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Hi there experts!

I have this software I want to delete but the only thing I found is it's shortcut icon.

How can i find the location of the original file so that I could delete it already?

Anyone care to help me?


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Finding the Location of the File


Yes, deleting a file or software would indeed be not effective if you are deleting the short-cut icon only.

To delete the original file, just put the cursor on the short-cut icon of the file and then right click and choose Properties.

This will open a pop-up window that shows you the details of that short-cut icon.

It will also highlight the Target of the short-cut icon. The Target is the location of the original file.

Once you are in the window Properties, just click on the Find Target button.

This will open the original location of the short-cut icon.

From there you may delete the file you want to delete.


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Finding the Location of the File


Hi Alvaldez,

If u want to remove a file  you will need to remove the original one not the shortcut of that file

To find the original file of that shortcut file

1. Right click on the shortcut icon > Properties.> See then target section it will show the complete path of the original file

2. Go to the original path of the file and delete that original file to remove completely from computer system

If you want to remove Software

you need to follow the following steps:

1. Go to the Control panel

2. Click on Add or Remove Programs

3. Double click on Particular Software which you want to remove from computer system

it will completely remove that particular software which you have selected

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