Finding if PostgreSQL server is up and running

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Iam new to PostgreSQL server, I just want to know whether PostgreSQL server is up and running?

Can anyone make a list of languages which support PostgreSQL?


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Finding if PostgreSQL server is up and running


Pstgresql basically maintain a writing created  log (WAL), it works in the pg_xlog/ subdirectory of the cluster's data directory. If you are new to postgresql, you must have to paid a visit this site for gaining a detail understanding with the software Postgresql. You find here also about in whether you want to up and running sql server. Also visit this site for more-

PostgreSQL is able to working with this all programming languages- Perl, Python, Zope, PHP, TCL/TK, ODBC, JDBC, C/C++, Embedded SQL, Delphi/Kylix/Pascal, VB, ASP, Java.

Although it’s procedural language is four. They are- PL/pgSQL, PL/Tcl, PL/Perl, PL/Python.

You can read more from here for more better solvency.

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