Find And Replace In Excel To Correct To All Mistakes.

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Sometimes we make grammar mistakes or spellings mistakes. But what a time-consuming work to search the same word several times and replace it. How can you find and replace in excel?

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Find And Replace In Excel To Correct To All Mistakes.


How to use Find in Excel.

1) Go to Excel worksheet in which you want to find any character or word.

2) Select the cells in which you want to carry out the operation. To select the entire worksheet select any active cell.

3) Now to find, either you can use Ctrl +F or go to the home tab and click on ‘find &select’ and then on the find.

4) You will find a box appearing which would be as below.

5) Type out the word or character you want to find in the place given and enter.

6) You could either choose ‘find next ‘ or ‘find all’.

7) Find next will show you the first word appearing and then next and so on.

8) Find all will show you all the places of that word.

How to use replace, in excel.

1) Go to your Excel worksheet and select the cells or for entire sheet select active cell.

2) To open replace, click Ctrl + H or go to home tab->find and select ->replace.

3) In ‘find what’ box write the word you want to change.

4) In replace, write the word you want to exchange with.

5) Either select replace for one by one preference or replace all to replace all the words at a time.

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