File is not in a Room EQ V5,01compatible.mdat format

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Hi there,

When I turned on my laptop this error appeared on my desktop. I see is something about java and I think maybe the updates I did lately are causing this error. Can anyone help me to fix this? I have this error because of the updates?

Thank you!

Load measured data set error

File is not in a Room EQ V5,01compatible.mdat format

Exception invalid type code: 46



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File is not in a Room EQ V5,01compatible.mdat format


The error is obviously referring to a problem in a Java component which is possibly caused by an outdated version of Java Runtime Environment or JRE. Just like any other applications you install on your computer, Java also releases updates. But you don’t necessarily need to update it regularly unless the program that uses it requires the latest.

Verify first the kind of update that was done on the computer. If you updated your operating system, try reinstalling the affected software to restore all its configurations and settings and then check if this works. If reinstalling the affected application still resulted to this Java error, then maybe you updated your application and now it wants the latest Java version.

To fix the problem with Java, download the latest version from Java SE Runtime Environment 7u55. It supports Windows, Mac, Linux, and Solaris. Since you are using a Mac OS X, Java Runtime Environment works only on x64 Mac OS X.

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