File copy errors and connection drops with FTP server

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My FTP server is giving me a problem when I try to put files in it.

It gives me this error message when it gets up to 99% then for some reason the connection drops.

"Detected Timeout. Remote side failed in Copying files. Opening BINARY mode data connection for "file name here"".

Every file that I try to put on it happens. If anyone has a solution to this,

I would like to know.

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File copy errors and connection drops with FTP server


Whatsup Alex,

Your query can be solved. The main error here is with the large amount of files you may be downloading. It is unable to finish copying the files. What you need to do in this case is try troubleshooting the server by checking whether all the connections are connected properly and functioning well.

You may also try disconnecting the server connections and reconnect to see whether this will solve the problem.

You can also check the firewall settings and disable any barriers.

You may also try reinstalling another server such as filezilla which also works well with multiple transfers

Restart the server and it should begin working normally. You need also to transfer single files and not multiple ones.

This should help



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