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Recently, I installed PaperPort in my computer and have been working perfectly and enjoyed using it with no issues. However, when I try to download the update for “PaperPort 11” I keep on encountering this error message, "Your current browser Security Setting prevents the proper operation of Update Service. Update Service relies on Active X controls and Active Scripting which are enabled under the default browser security settings". Can somebody help me please? Thank you in advance.

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For the application to run, it requires that the activeX controls in the browser be turned off or disabled, and therefore you will need to do that:

If you are using internet explorer to browse, then you will need to use the procedure below to disable the activeX controls in your browser:

  • Go to the browser and then on the Tools menu, you will click on Internet Options, and then you will click on the Security tab
  • Next you will click the Internet Web content zone, and from there  click on Custom Level.
  • Navigate to the Settings box, and then scroll down to the Scripting section.
  • From there you will click Disable under Active scripting and Scripting of Java applets.
  • Click OK when you are done to save the changes and then exit.

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