Failed to Install Visual Studio 2012

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I tried installing Visual Studio 2012 on my Windows 7 x64 PC but it always failed and gives me an error as shown below. This error appears on the final screen of the installation process. So far, I have tried to install for few times but I still end up with the same error message. I don't know what is missing and I also checked if Visual Studio 2012 is compatible with my device. I see no problem in terms of compatibility. Can someone please assist me so I can install VS 2012 correctly. Thanks!

Visual Studio

Ultimate 2012

Setup Failed!

Install cannot continue because some required components failed.

Please correct the following problems and restart the setup to ensure full product functionality. Click here to see the most common issues and workarounds or here to review the log file.

(x) Visual studio 2012 prerequisites

Cannot find the requested object.


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Failed to Install Visual Studio 2012


You are getting this error because there is a CAB file that is corrupted that corresponds to the component in the log file. Click the log file on the error itself to see which component is it. To fix this, you need to download the .ISO file of VS 2012 from the MSDN download page.

You can also compute the hash value when comparing on the one listed in VS 2012 download page.

1. Go to and then download the File Checksum Integrity Verifier utility.

2. Extract it and get the fciv.exe file.

3. Click Start and then run CMD.

4. Run the command below:

<ExtractionPath>fciv.exe -md5 -sha1 <VS2012DownloadPath><VS2012_iso>

Just change the value for the ExtractionPath and the DownloadPath.

If the value that you compute matches, you can start the Visual Studio 2012 setup. A screen will appear:

Click the Uninstall button and you will see a screen similar to:

Once donw, you can try to run the Visual Studio 2012 setup again.

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