FaceTime cannot connect to the network

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Hi there,

I use my home Wi-Fi network to use FaceTime but I can’t connect to the network. This message appears and all the settings are OK, the only problem with my iPhone is that I can’t connect to my wireless network. My Internet connections is working just fine. Can anyone help me to fix this problem please ?

Thank you !

No Network Connection

Connect to a Wi-Fi network or cellular data to use FaceTime

Wi-Fi Settings

Cellular Settings


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FaceTime cannot connect to the network


Hello There,

1. Check other device under same wifi, whether it can access internet.

2. It could be issue with service provider as well, may be for a particular timespan, please ensure this.

3. May be issue with signal strength because apple products are excellent options to surf via wifi.

So, once point 1 ,2,3 are ensured then on your device forget your stored wifi network , then add it back manually once again and try.

Your problem should get resolved.

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