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Facebook may launch its new phone manufactured by them itself.

But, Experts say it may not be that worthy.

What do you think is it worthy to have a Facebook phone in the market ?

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Facebook has a great place for marketing in all over the world. Their phone will be provide the best quality that why it's can be worthy. We heard a lot of talk about Facebook's new smart phone, which Zuckerberg and the team are allegedly working on right now.

As you'd expect a number of technology lovers are speculating about what features the new device will have and most importantly what it'll look like.

Facebook phone in the picture

The Blue phone has to be out favorite concept so far, dreamt up by Michal Bonikowski it has a shiny blue metal exterior, 4.2 inch screen and two awesome cameras.

Finger's crossed this is what they've been sat building in Facebook HQ.

And many more. Let's a little bit watch of Facebook phone in the picture.