FaceBook is not working properly

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I am using Google chrome and I am facing some problem while accessing Facebook. My Facebook is not displayed properly there is some disordering in my Facebook GUI. Maybe this is an alignment issue because at the same time when I open my Facebook account from another browser it works properly as it is. In fact when I am opening yahoo, Bing and YouTube and all other sites from Google chrome. They are working perfectly. So please help me out to get brought back my Facebook GUI as in the previous order.

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FaceBook is not working properly


There may be an issue of HTTP (hyper text transfer protocol). HTTP is a basis of communication over the World Wide Web (WWW). It provides a communication medium between web browser and web server. HTTPS is giving a concept of secure HTTP. Your Facebook account may run on HTTP. Google chrome is not supporting it. Internet explorer or another browser which you are using may support it.  To use Facebook from Google chrome you should secure your account by following the steps below.

  • Drop down HOME tab, which is placed in the top extreme right.
  • Now go to ACCOUNT SETTING.
  • A page appears with a list on the left side.
  • Go to SECURITY.
  • There, SECURE BROWSING may be marked as disable. You should mark it enable.

If there is a mess in Google chrome and you are not able to find any tab or any instruction. Open Facebook from different browser such as Internet Explorer etc and follow these instructions from there.

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FaceBook is not working properly



Solution of your problem is here:

I think You might not installed Google chrome properly. First of all Uninstall your Google chrome and re-install it.
This might solve your problem.
But even if you are using a slow internet, then that may also cause problems.
So also check, if you have installed any add-ons to chrome , then uninstall it.
And also now before opening Facebook on chrome, try to open any heavy multimedia site like cartoon network site and See if this site work properly or not.
May be add-ons is causing problem.
Next is that you can even try this:
If you are seeing a blue top bar after you log into Facebook, but you are not able to see any other content, then please try the following steps that have been useful for me.
Note: Make sure that you are using the latest version of Google chrome.
1. Now Log into Facebook through an Incognito window (Ctrl+Shift+N).
– If this helps, try clearing your cache and cookies and disable your extensions, now restart your Chrome (wrench icon-> Exit -> re-open Chrome) and then visit Facebook again in a normal window (Ctrl+N). Now if you are still seeing the same issue? Then,
2. Change your page zoom to 100% (wrench icon -> Zoom).
This will surely help you.

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