FaceBook Features Not Available on my FaceBook Account

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I am an old Facebook user. Recently I found some problems with my Facebook account. Some of my friends have the tab named, find friends in their Facebook account. I do not have such a tab.

In the message option many have their complete chat history and I do not have such history in my message option. I can not find out what the problem is.

Can anyone here help me in this issue?

Please suggest me the problem and solution.

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FaceBook Features Not Available on my FaceBook Account


Hi dear old Facebook user,

Facebook is updating everyday. The topics you mentioned seem as a problem with you, but these are not the problems with your account.

First topic you mentioned is the find friends tab. As you are an old Facebook user, you cannot have such a tab. This feature is enabled only for new users. This feature helps a new user to find their friends, who are also on Facebook. So, there is no problem with your account in this topic.

The second issue you mentioned is, about message option. It probably is enabled for the user who enables their profile in new profile. If you have not enabled your profile to new profile, then there is a tab in your profile page saying switch to new profile. You can get this by doing so. There is also no problem about this issue.

Sometimes, some small issues seem to us as problems but actually there is no problem in those issues. If you have still have a confusion then contact Facebook, through Facebook help.

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FaceBook Features Not Available on my FaceBook Account


Don’t worry, your account is ok. The little problems you are asking about have nothing to do with your account’s security. The absence of the “friends” tab is something normal if you say you are an old member. This tab appears only for newer members who need to build their relationships, as they have no or few friends.

As for the absent chat history in your message option, you can find a tab in the profile page, named “Switch to new profile”. Just switch to a new profile and you’ll get the chat history.

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