Extended features of NeatDesk Desktop Scanner and Digital Filing

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Please provide me the features and benefits of using this scanner. Also give me information on the ports available for this to be connected to laptop or desktop. Can we connect this into a smart phone or tablet? If that is possible, please provide me detailed instructions on how to do this. Does it makes any difference if I will use a golden USB cords? Will make scan documents faster? In the rate of scanning documents, with A4 size of picture, how long will it take to scan it?

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Extended features of NeatDesk Desktop Scanner and Digital Filing



             There are different types of scanners are available in markets.

             The types are scanners are given below, Flatbed scanners, Slide, Film and Transparency scanners, ADF scanners and Simplex scanners, Duplex scanners, Card scanners, Mobile scanners, Drum scanners.

             The features of scanners are Scanner sensor, Charge coupled device (CCD), Contact image sensor (CIS), Photomultiplier tubes (PMT).

              The scanner bit depth is at least 24 and paper and the color graphics depth between 36 to 48.

              The scanner resolution guidelines are text scanning is 300dpi is fine for text scanning.

              This resolution supports optical character recognition (OCR) usually in popular formats like MS word and Excel, and slide, negative & Transparency scanning looks for an optical resolution of 1200 dpi or higher.

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