Exporting a graph from MS Excel

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Hello everyone! I just made a graph in MS Excel but now I have to use it in other programs and for that I guess I will have to export from Excel. I want the graph in jpg format/file but the problem is that I didn’t find this option in Excel. It only allows me to save as a pdf format file or an html format file. Please suggest some ideas, what can I do now? Thanks in advance for your help!


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Exporting a graph from MS Excel


Hello Kevin!

Yes you are correct we can only export it with PDF format (Portable document Format). We can bypass and just copy the graph by doing the following steps.

1. Please select the chart or graph. Make it sure that the entire graph is selected not just a single part of the object.

2. “Right-click” using your mouse while the graph is selected and select “Copy.”

3. Open MS Paint or any picture editing software and “Ctrl” + “V” or paste the graph.

4. You can then save the file as JPEG (Joint-Pictures Experts Group), Bitmap, etc.

You can do the same procedure if you want to transfer a certain object or graph from excel to MS Word and MS PowerPoint.


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