Explorer cannot find files on GofFlex Home Personal

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Hello, I am having trouble with my GoFlex home personal. It shows the extra drives in my explorer and in those drive I can also see the files. But when I try to open or move them I get the following error message saying this file is no longer located there. Please help me with this issue. Are my files gone?

Could not find this item

This is no longer located in X:. Verify the item's location and try again.

msctmphd4bkup full.tc

Type: TrueCrypt Volume

Size: 3.41 GB


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Explorer cannot find files on GofFlex Home Personal


Hello Sharlene,

To resolve that issue, you will first of all need to try shutting down you computer to close all the processes that are executing right now, and then after that restart it in order to refresh the settings. You can go ahead and try opening the file or moving it after that and see if it will work.

Otherwise, the file type that you are trying to open might be corrupted, or the extension you saved that file with might have been altered and as a result causing the issue. The file could also be missing an extension. To open such a file, you will need to try doing it from the command prompt and see if it will work.




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Explorer cannot find files on GofFlex Home Personal




Try rebooting your system and after that press Ctrl+Alt+delete at a time to open Task manager window,
Kill any running process related to GoFlex and close the window.
Here is a simple and working solution for this problem!
Go to CMD directory and type "dir /x", it will give you a column containing some file names.
Now delete Short File names in order to stop prevention of cursor.
Check again by running if again it makes error proceed to further step,
Create a new directory and move your bogus files into it.
now file will get a new icon automatically, 
now delete this directory and it will be gone!

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