Explanation on Agile Software Development methodology

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5. Please explain Agile Software Development methodology and its architecture. I would also like to know the advantages of choosing the method. 

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Explanation on Agile Software Development methodology


Agile software development methodology is a step by step approached in solving issue that used self-organizing, cross functional teams. It has this planning that adapt time boxed approached. It encourage rapid response and flexible to any changes needed. The concept behind this is framework.

Framework that promotes interaction to be ready by unforeseen situations, develop through-out input and output.

Agility must have these values to ensure development.

  1. Adaptability
  2. Transparency
  3. Simplicity
  4. Unity

It encourage to follow and do the following thinking;

  1. Strategy
  2. Release
  3. Iteration
  4. Daily
  5. Continuous

These characteristic must be visible to ensure burndown, velocity, burnout, test are met to make this software working.

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Explanation on Agile Software Development methodology


Hello Eldreda,


The methodology of agile methods is quite significant, because it is not focusing so much on their weight but on their first orientation of people and adaptive nature than predictive. The agile methods always welcome the changes. They try to adapt and thrive on change even to the point of changing themselves.

The architecture of agile method is to get the project organized and moving in the right direction.


Some advantage of agile method are given mentioned below:

1. Incremental Deployment

2. Building Quality In

3. Eliminate Waste

4. Gradual emergence of architecture

5. Excellent Visibility

6. Right Product

7. More Enjoyable

Thank You.

Paul Jolie.

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