Excel formula needed to select players for an event.

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I want an excel formula to select players for an event. Please see the image.

Using Formula in excel

In column D under status column I want to have results as selected or not which meet the following criteria.

Age between 20 and 30 together with Weight between 50 and 60 KG                     –   Selected

Others                                  –    not selected

Can someone tell me a formula?

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Excel formula needed to select players for an event.


A solution can be arrived for your question by using functions available in Microsoft excel. I will use ‘AND’ as well as ‘IF’ function in this scenario.

I will take the same example that you have taken. In that table under the status column please type the following formula in cell D4.

=IF(AND(20<B4,B4<30,50<C4,C4<60),"Selected","Not Selected")

Ways to use Formula

The point to be considered; this formula has been created specifically for the use of Column D. However, if you use it in another location you will have to adjust this according to the place which the columns are available.

Now copy the same formula to below the cells. Then you can see the result you want has been appeared in column D.

Formula column D

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