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Hello Experts! I want to know the essentials of Cloud Security and also what are the things to consider when building the security. Basically, have we build security as much as how we build the cloud? Do we really understand the concept of what we do? And lastly, does security runs in cloud surroundings? I hope someone can give me a precise answer for all this. Thank you.

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Essentials of Cloud Computing Security (well known as cloud security):

1. It provides on demand self service wherein clients can provide average expertise such as server time and  network storage as necessary without human commerce with each service provider.

2. It also administers broad network access for mobile phones, tablets, laptops and workstations.

3. Resource pooling which may be able to define location at a higher level of abstraction (e.g., country, state or datacenter). 

4. Elasticity has been available for supplying often appear to be immeasurable and can be attached in any loads at an instant.

5. Resource usage can be watched, regulated and reported, providing transparency for the provider and its clients.
Thank you so much and hope it helps!