Errors in EddyPro Express software

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Hello, one of the most usual errors in EddyPro Express software happens when the raw file name format is entered not properly. It is shown in this error message:

Oops, an error has occurred.

Double check the project parameters and check the output console for
more information.

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Errors in EddyPro Express software



Luckily, this is gentle to solve. Follow these stairs to enter the Raw File Name Format correctly:

1. Imitate the total file name from one of the crude data files to your computer’s clipboard.The file name extension is demanded in the raw file name data format.Significant: a few computers are designed to conceal the file extension (the letters adopting the file name (.txt or something similar)). For Windows® Vista or seven abide by these commands to show the extension <>. For Windows XP, directions are here <>. Or you are able to read the data file extension by right ticking the file and choosing attributes and screening case of file: under the General tab.

a. Single chink the file name, and then chink it again after a bit. This will make it editable.
b. Select the file name and elongation, then imitate it to the computer’s clipboard (right chink and select “imitate” or press Ctrl + C).

2. Paste the computer file name and elongation into the new File Name Format area. If the extension was not imitated, type it into the field.
3. Substitute each year character with small letter y.
4. Substitute each month case with small letter m.
5. Substitute daily character with small letter d.
6. Substitute each hour and minute character with capital letter H and M severally.

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