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I have a system using two different LAN cards.

The reason is that the system is connecting to two different IP schemes.

The first Ip is something like 10.0.x.x, being used for our universities local network.

The second IP is something like 192.X.X.X, which is being by me for my wireless internet, configured by the vendor.

Sometimes, it happens that suddenly my system refuse to connect to the internet and while opening my Internet explorer I receive the error that, “internet explorer cannot display the web page”.

When I click on the diagnose connection problem, it says that the dhcp is not enabled etc. etc.

error connecting to internet

I contacted the vendor of my wireless connection, a day before, and he instructed by telephone to perform some simple steps, and charged me 25$, the details which I do not remember completely, but it was something to change the priority order of the network cards. After performing those steps, the internet was running TILL THE TIME I SHUTDOWN THE SYSTEM. Now I am facing the same problem, after only one day.  

Please help, it is absurd that I keep on paying money for this.


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Try checking you Network Settings, then go to Tools and click Advanced and select Advanced Settings. Once you click this options a window will display with the options that says. Adapters and Bindings and  Provider Order. Select the first tab option then change the priority on which kind of network that you are using.

Note: When you are using a wired connection, you should make this connection the most priority otherwise choose the other one. And also check you IP configurations, and set it on Obtain an IP address automatically and Obtain DNS server address automatically. To do this right click the connection active, and click Properties, then look for Internet Protocol(TCP/IP), select it and then click Properties again.

Hope this solves your problem.

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If you university network doesn’t have internet access, then it is likely that the default connection used by the computer when you lost the internet connection was the connection on the LAN adapter that connects to the network. You need to make the LAN adapter that gives you internet as the default connection to use so that you won’t get this message again from your internet browser. To do this you need to define Interface Metrics under the Internet Protocol settings of each of the adapter. The one with the lower number becomes first priority.

Open Network Connections.

Right click on the first priority LAN adapter you’d like to use. Choose Properties.

Double click on Internet Protocol (TCP/IP).

On the window that opens, under the General tab, click Advanced.

To specify Metrics, you need to uncheck Automatic Metric. Then enter the Metric that you’d want in the Interface Metric box. You may use 10 for the first priority LAN adapter and 20 for the second.


Internet Protocol (TCP/IP).

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