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I have a xp pro sp2 system.Whenever i try to connect to exchange server it gives me error:Task 'Microsoft Exchange Server' reported error(0x8004011D): 'The server is not available.Pls resolve this issue.Thanks

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Hello Martin,

I have read your concern regarding Microsoft Exchange Server. As you’ve said, whenever you attempt to connect it gives you an error message and you want this fixed. Is it right?

This error usually occur when you have a very slow connection, just like having ‘timed out error’ but you can try deleting the exchange profile and then recreate this on Outlook because it is also another cause of the problem. If this doesn’t work for you, you may create a new user profile with its entire components.

Another thing for you to take in consideration is the work around behavior or the synchronization of the program. Once you start logging-in, try to synchronize Microsoft Outlook while offline. Sometimes, unable to synchronize outlook whether online or offline causes this error.

This is also a new option for you to fix the problem. Restart Microsoft Exchange Services on your main server. To do this, locate “MY COMPUTER” and then right-click to it and select “MANAGE.” You may now look down for “SERVICES AND APPLICATIONS” option and on the right side, click “SERVICES.” It is now then your time to locate the program and once found, right-click then select “RESTART.” Once successfully done, re-open the application.

I hope I am in the right track of understanding your concern and give you a hand to fix the problem. I hope this information is of good help.

Good Luck!