Error while activating Kaspersky Internet Security

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I was installing the latest version of Kaspersky Internet Security to my computer. My problem is I could not activate it. An error dialog says that the number of activations using this code exceeded. I hit fix and reinstall button but it gave me the same result. How could I get a different code? Or how would I deal with problems like this?

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Kaspersky Internet Security
Number of activations using this code exceeded.
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Error while activating Kaspersky Internet Security


Hello Jon Albus,

 There are only two reasons for such an error on Kaspersky activation.

  • The First reason may be which I am sure is not the case here is that the software Licensed key is pirated.
  • The second reason, which in your case may be happening, is that the Activation keys used by you are already entered and registered in the KL database. And once the key is recorded / registered in their database these keys can never be used again.

It is a possibility that when you upgraded your version to the latest, you were supplying it with the same keys you have used for registration of your original version, and KL database is not recognizing it as the same owner.

You have to go to their support page and open a support ticket, informing the issue to the KL support, and they can either refresh your activation keys, or provide you with new keys, BUT contacting support is the only viable option.

You have to supply them the following information:

  • Date and place of purchase.
  • Activation code/key file number.
  • Info about the owner: name, surname, e-mail address.


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