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my PES 2012 wont run completely . When i am to create my avatar it always stops running at that point and when i restart it , its the same problem i face

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Hi, the video/graphic card you used  did not meet the requirement.  You have to create video/graphic that will meet the requirement by using 3D analyzer software. This piece of app will create from your RAM.  Just follow these steps: 1.  Select the .exe file of the game, in this case select pes2012.exe  2. Tick the features you want the app  to emolate.   Generally, HW TnL, Sw TnL and pixel sharers need to be check because they are the one responsible for the  game graphics.  You can experiment with different settings. 3.  Select the DeviceID and VendorID (copy and paste the ID's  given under Nvidia and ATI cards) 4.Save the batch file for future use with the same settings.