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I am using Dell Inspiron 15R (N5010) with Intel i3 Processor, Centrino Wireless - N 1000 and Intel HD Graphics installed with Windows 7. I am facing the problem since yesterday that whenever I am trying to start my system, it is showing an error - Realtek PCIe FE Family controller Series v1.19 (08/10/09) exe-8:E61: Media Test Failure Check Cable. I have 4 GB RAM (2 x 2GB) which I removed and tried to power on but system does not go beyond the error message.

I also tried to re-install Windows 7 but getting the same error time and time again.

Please suggest.

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This could either be an issue with some of the bootable devices not getting detected. Let try to check and resolve the issue.

1. Check for any external devices connected to the system e.g. Pen Drive, Flash Drive, external hard drive or any other USB devices. Disconnect them if at all they are connected to the system.

2. Try to boot in safe mode - Start tabbing F8 key multiple times immediately after pressing the power button. This will take us to Advance Boot Menu. Select the option "Safe Mode". If for some reason you are not able to boot to Advance Boot Menu, and then try tabbing F12 to get into One Time Boot Menu. Select the Option for HDD and start tabbing F8 immediately after selecting the HDD option. This will take us to Advance Boot Menu. Check if you are able to boot in safe mode. If not and getting the same error then move to next step...

3. Try to boot in One Time Menu - Start tabbing F12 key multiple times immediately after pressing the power button. This will takes us to boot in One Time Boot Menu. Check for the Hard Drive if it is appearing in One Time Boot Menu. If HDD is not found and getting the same errors then move to next step...

4. Try to Boot into BIOS by pressing F2. Check if the hard drive is getting detected. If not, then press F9 to load default BIOS and then F10 to save changes. Check now if the hard drive is getting detected. If HDD is not found and getting the same errors then move to next step...

5. Arrange for a screw driver and open the bottom cover. Check User Manual or alternatively you may also get Online User’s Guide from the system manufacturer’s support web site. Try to reset the Hard Drive and SATA Cable because they may have gone loose. If HDD is not found and getting the same error then will have to replace the Hard Drive.

6. If still issue unresolved then Run Diagnostic test on Hard Drive and check for any Hard Drive errors. You may follow the following steps on Dell Computers to run diagnostic test – Remove Battery and connect Ac Adaptor only >> Press Fn (next to Ctrl key on left bottom of your keyboard) and power button both together to power on the system >> You will see Mats test running on the screen. Alternate way to run diagnostic test is to get into “One Time Boot Menu” by start tabbing F12 key immediately after pressing power button >> select the last option for Diagnostic. Check for error code if any. Error Code – 0142 and 0146 are related to hard drive.

7. Make a note of taking a data backup before disposing off the older hard drive. There are quite a few data recovery software which we can use. I would vote for Recuva because I am personally using it and more over it’s a free recovery tool. Alternate option would be drive recovery, Stellar, Get Data Back or Data recovery wizard. Connect your external Hard Drive and install one of these free/trial versions on your desktop/laptop. Once installed, and then try to extract the files saved on external Hard Drive and save it to different locations such as pen driver, CD/DVD or another external Hard Drive.

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Good day
The PXE-E61: Media test failure appears because the notebook tries to boot from LAN.
Why? Because the HDD could not be found and the CD/DVD drive does not contain a bootable disk.
So BIOS switched to LAN…
Therefore the HDD replacement should help you to sort out this issue.
If the warranty is valid, get in contact with an local ASP in your country. Maybe you could get a HDD which could be replaced easily…
Jacksonn Maria