Error Reading Registry System.Format Exception Problem

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Hi I faced some problem in troubleshooting DB so I re partitioned the C drive and created a new D drive and also uninstalled HEM and related files everything and after a reboot  installed a new version 6112 but the error is as same as in below figure and even I tried changing the default directory but no use of it as in pressing OK on the error message 3 times getting message and another error is that while I am trying in restoring the synchronized online database works fine for 10 min after that error is “Sync Error. Response from server does not contain valid XML “. I am not getting where the actual problem so help me in solving this trouble.

Error Reading registry Sytem.FormatException: String was not recognized as a valid Boolean.

at System.Boolean,Parse(String value)

at HoldemManager.Modules.ULTabIeScanner.Global.ReadMySetting(Stnng KeyName, Boolean def)


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Error Reading Registry System.Format Exception Problem



Hello. Do not worry. This problem is fixable. Partitioning the Hard Disk was not a necessary step though. Remove the data in your column written Null from your DB and add as ‘’true’’ or ‘’false’’. This will fix the error. Bring limitation to the use of Convert.Toboolean(), instead of that, use Boolean.TryParse(). This link will help you: if the conversion fails, then default value will return. And as for the second error, it is a server related error file. Try using in order to use openx from a .net application. You should better go use ISession instead of using IOpenXProxy. Hope your problem gets solved soon. Best of Luck!

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