Error Page on FB in sharing SFC and FB application page

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I have installed SFC and also created an Facebook application page so I could share my posts to my Facebook page.

But when I wanted to share it on my Facebook profile I just got an error page on Facebook.

Moreover I allowed the “like” button to display after the substance of my posts but it is not displaying.

May be I have a problem either this plug in or the Facebook side.

Please give me a solution. Thanks in advance. 

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Error Page on FB in sharing SFC and FB application page


Hi Georgia Mendez

Solution 1

Before I give you Solutions, kindly check if your internet explorer/browser disabled plug-ins. (Kindly click Tools in your browser then Add ons/Plugins  then check plugins if you found the plugin that you have installed check if it is disabled or enabled). If you didn’t find it on the Plugins tab check the extensions tab if it's installed properly. After doing this and you are still having errors kindly proceed to the next steps.

Solution 2

Check your browser if enabled a pop-up blocker. Your application/ plug in might have a pop-up window that need to be open or check. (To check, Click Tools then option and then go to the Content Tab and uncheck “block Pop-up window”). Then go to the next Tab “Applications tab” and check if your application is in there. If not kindly reinstall your SFC, and if after reinstalling and you are still getting problems download it from another provider.

Good luck, and for any further question kindly message me.

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