Guide through getting free targeted website

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I just developed my website, a decent website if I may add. And as much as anyone else would want, I really want to make it as a source of my income with this thing called traffic on the website. How will I be able to get free targeted website, and what are the important things to be kept in mind in order to keep my targeted website organized and appreciated? Thank you very much everyone. Best Regards.

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Guide through getting free targeted website


Hi Laura,

Starting up your business in the cyber world would require you to have a good understanding of SEO. Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short is a course of affecting the presence of your website in a search engine like Google.

The more your website can accumulate a huge number of views, visitors, hits or shares, the more it will be put at the top search results in a search engine.

So how can you make your website to obtain a higher rank? How can you grab the attention of many people without spending a lot of money? The answer to this is to get website traffic, but how?

Here’s the basic of what you need to do:

1. Relevant Keywords.  Choose well your key phrases. Search engines will look for a good keyword for billions of websites, blogs, pages that matched with the user’s demands.

2. Optimize your website. There are three (3) major areas on your website where you need to affix your key phrases. These are in your Title, Description, & Website Content.

3. Link Building. Visit many sites and forums which are relevant to your website. Make a contribution by sharing ideas and solutions as well as provide links on your website which will promote its visibility to the people you interact with.

4. Do Social Media. Currently, social media are widely known to many internet marketers and this is one of the best tools of generating traffic to your website. Create a page where people can like and share it to their friends which will advance your website.

5. Email Marketing. Sending an e-mail blast about the latest update of your product / service to your list of recipients is also a good method to generate traffic and promoting your website.

All of the above methods are FREE however you will need to have a lot of motivation as well as determination to achieve your goals. You can also check this page for another tip about your concern.

Best of Luck!

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Guide through getting free targeted website



I like your question, the world wide web these days has become the greatest income for many people through various means, however when it comes to producing free guests to your web page you will need to learn various modern techniques used to entice more guests to your web page. I will give you a few tips on how to achieve this. The first thing I will talk about is the use of ‘’blogs’’ blog leaving feedback on boards that have similar material to your web page, makes sure that your feedback is useful and offer alternatives. Back link building is another strategy, ensure that they are not passed and that they have the ability to look for top great quality incoming to your page, this makes them to be rated higher in google. Promotion via email, in this method you should focus on your marketing strategy, lastly I will end by informing you of the two most effective methods used online these days to generate traffic, content, ensure your web page is loaded with material that is distinctive, top great quality and offers firm alternatives to your guests. I will suggest that you do the hiring of an SEO professional if you are not one.

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