Error opening project in Logic 5.5

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I tried opening a project in Logic 5.5 on my Mac when this error message popped up.  I also tried opening other projects of mine but still got the same error message.  I was getting nervous thinking that all my projects were damaged.  Good this I had a backup and so I restored the project supposedly in error.  I tried opening it again but I still got the same error message, see below. 

Any advice on how to resolve the error?

Logic Platinum

Audio configuration is damaged.


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Error opening project in Logic 5.5


Hallo Ramonuy,

I suspect the reason why you are getting that error is because the mixer in your logic platinum is possibly missing a lot of audio tracks, a problem that may have resulted when you were mixing or editing the audio tracks.

What I will advise that you do is that you should try going to the backups that you have made and then transfer all the files that you have arranged to the autoloader, and see if the problem will be solved after that. In fact, if you were not using autoloader, you should have used it all along and I guess the problem you are having could not have occurred.

Hope this helps.


Mahesh Babu


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