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I am using Gmail when using my primary email address. But I am using Gmail older version with my Internet Explorer 7. I never had a problem using this feature before but recently when I tried to open my mails, an alert box will prompt and then asked me to download an unknown file type. It seems that every mail should be downloaded first.

What is wrong with Gmail?

How can I correct this error?

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Most probably your problem is because of cookies. If running internet explorer 7 then it is bound to face problem. Try upgrading one rather use Opera or Mozilla Firefox. Again, when you have webmail access then it may create problem to open an email in the gmail. Often when you try to open mail which contain different file types like .pdf  then Google docs creates certain error messages. Always use view option to open file in gmail and with this your problem should be solved hopefully. 

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Searching the gmail help section proved futile as the error message above did not show up in their known error knowledge base for gmail. However, after looking for more ways to resolve this issue, I found a peculiar piece of information in their website. Internet Explorer 7 is not anymore supported by Google/Gmail. You can find that bit of info here:

So the next thing to do is to upgrade your browser to IE 8. You can upgrade here:

Don't worry about losing any of your email since you're just uploading your browser and not your email. If the issue does persist and since it looks like Google is still not aware of this issue, you may want to let them know here:

I wouldn't recommend clearing your cookies and cache ( which to some may be the first step in troubleshooting ), because your IE version is not supported. Better to upgrade first, check if the issue persists and continue from there.

Good luck!