An error occurred while trying to connect the Yahoo Messenger

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Hi there,

Friends I have a major problem in the computer, I am so addicted to yahoo messenger. Today when I try to start the yahoo messenger, I was stuck up with an error message. The error states that this could be caused without internet connection. However, my system is always connected to the internet and I have all kind of access to the host server. How I can solve this error? Help please. Thanks.

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An error occurred while trying to connect to the Yahoo! Messenger server.

This could be caused if you do not have an active connection to the Internet, the host server may not be running, you may not have access to the host server, your proxy server settings may not be valid.


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An error occurred while trying to connect the Yahoo Messenger


If I’m not mistaken this is the exact error I encountered before when I first tried connecting my computer to the internet using a mobile phone. This error can happen if you have a very slow internet connection. Because of the slowness, the connection keeps timing out and the computer thinks that the machine is no longer connected to the internet that’s why it shows that error.

In case you will be connecting to the internet using your mobile phone, make sure your connection is set to 3G and don’t ever use 2G otherwise you will keep on receiving this error. It is possible to connect Yahoo! Messenger via mobile phone on the computer just make sure to use a fast network, 3G or 4G.

But if you are not on the mobile phone and you still keep on receiving this error, make sure you are using the latest version. It is possible that you are using an old version of Yahoo! Messenger that is no longer suitable for the present connection. Download the latest version from Yahoo! Messenger

This is the standalone version so you won’t have to wait for the whole package to be downloaded when you run the installer. Once installed, try logging in to your account. When this version is installed, there is no way you can’t connect to the server. If you can download the installer then you can surely connect to the server and login to your Messenger account.

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