An error occurred while importing settings

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Whenever I open a PDF file following error occurs, and then the adobe reader restarts. I searched everywhere but I didn’t find any solution. What to do? Please help.

import setting

Import settings

An error occurred while importing settings. Import was not completed

Successfully, for more information about importing settings, click here.

The window will be closed automatically in 7 seconds.

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An error occurred while importing settings


Hello Sharonfaviles,

It’d be better if you mentioned your OS and Adobe Reader version. Never mind, just follow some simple steps. I think you are facing this error for the corrupted system files of Adobe Reader. It’ll better if you install a fresh copy of Adobe Reader. I hope this will solve your problem.

Good Day.

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An error occurred while importing settings


Most of the time PDF files don’t open with Adobe Reader. This is caused by problems like if the file is password protected by the creator and you have to access with security codes. Also, errors may occur in non-compliant PDFs. For example, Adobe Reader blocks PDFs that can be harmful to your system. Another could be occurred if the file is damaged.

If you’re sure that the file is not damaged or complaint, try to update to the latest “dot” release and it will repair the installation or reinstall using the latest version. Confirm as well that the operating system can recognize a PDF file.

Also, Adobe releases security updates regularly that can update latest patches, which can fix a conflict with the system.

Thank you.

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