An error occurred while accessing the Office Document Cache

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For the Microsoft Office Upload Center, this error message keeps on occurring:

Upload Center settings dialog box

An error occurred while accessing the Office Document Cache. Close and reopen the Upload Center to try again. If the problem persists, move or delete the cache in the Upload Center settings dialog box.

How to prevent this?


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An error occurred while accessing the Office Document Cache


Dear James,

This problem may occur if you upgraded your Microsoft Office to a newer version or because of a third party program on your PC conflicting with the Upload Center.

* So first of all we need to make sure that there is no third party program conflicting with the Upload Center.

This how to do it;

1. Start your computer in Clean Boot mode ( To disable any third party program or service they may conflict with the upload center).

In the following link you will find how to start your computer in Clean Boot mode step by step.

2. On Clean Boot mode check if you are able to open the Upload Center and use it normally.

3. If the problem was resolved, Then you have a third party program causing the problem.

4. To isolate the program causing the problem, enable the Non-Microsoft programs one by one till the problem comes back now you know which program conflicting with The Upload Center.

* If you upgraded Microsoft Office you may face this problem, Because the office cache is not updated.

Here is how to fix it;

1. Open Windows Task Manager and navigate to Processes Tab and make sure process named MSOSYNC.EXE is not open, If so end it.

Processes Tab

2. Now open the Register Editor (Start menu -> run -> type regedit).

Registry Editor

3. Now navigate to the HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftOffice14.0CommonInternet and delete the FileStoreCriticalError key. If you didn't find the key so you can skip this step.

4. Now navigate to C:users[username]AppDataLocalMicrosoftOffice14.0 path and if you find OfficeFileCache folder, just make sure to delete it.

5. Restart Office, and your problem should be resolved.

I hope this helped you resolve your problem.

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