Error occurred at niSwitch Commit

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I upgraded NI-Switch to NI-Switch 4.0 or later but after that I noticed the multi-module NI-Switch Handshaking program no longer works properly. I get the following error message when I try to start a session with the second Switch. Now I am looking for the solution to resolve the error below. How can I overcome this problem? I need your help.


Thanks in advance.

Error: error -1074107494 occurred at niSwitch Possible reason(s): No registered trigger lines could be found between the devices in the route. If you have a PXI chassis, identify the chassis correctly in MAX, and make sure it has been configured properly. If you are using PCI devices, make sure they are connected with a RTSI cable and that the RTSI cable is registered in MAX. Otherwise, make sure there is an available trigger line on the trigger bus shared between the devices. Status Code: -89125

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Error occurred at niSwitch Commit

Luke N Marks I read your problem while upgrading from NI-Switch to NI-Switch 4.0 or later you are facing.
One of the main reasons of this error could be the system requirement.
Before installing it make sure that your system is capable.
I am providing you a user guide link which help you in this regard


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