How to detect Arduino on my computer?

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I've tried a few different USB wires to connect it on a few different computers and none of it can detect my Mega 2560 R3 which is possibly bricked. I've checked my device manager, and nothing is shown there.

But when the board is plugged in via USB, lights are on.

I'm new with Arduino, so if somebody have any ideas about it, it will be appreciated.

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How to detect Arduino on my computer?

  1. Make sure that you have the latest version – download it here
  2. When the download is complete, unzip the file that has downloaded. 
  3. Double-click to open the folder (there should be a few files and sub-folders visible)
  4. Connect the board via USB
  5. Install the drivers by following the steps below:

    • Plug in the board and wait to see if Windows begins installing the drivers.  No installation will start…..
    • Click on Start>Control Panel
    • Click on System and Security>System>Device Manager
    • Look under Ports (COM and LPT) and you will see a port named “Arduino UNO (COMxx).  If you can’t find it, look under “Other Devices” for an “Unknown Device”
  • Right click on it and choose “Update Driver Software”
  • Choose “Browse my computer for Driver Software”
  • Navigate to the location where you unzipped the folder you downloaded earlier, open the driver folder, and select the file driver named “Arduino.inf”


  • Windows will install the updated driver
  1. Launch the program by double clicking the Arduino application
  2. Open the blink example sketch by clicking on File>Basics>Blink
  1. Select your board type by going to Tools>Board and choosing the board that corresponds to your Arduino
  1. Select the serial port for the selected Arduino board from clicking on Tools>Serial Port Menu. (It is normally COM3 or higher)
  2. Upload the program by clicking “Upload” button. After a few seconds you should see the RX and TX light on the board flashing. You will see a message on the screen saying “Done uploading”
  3. When the upload finishes, the pin 13 LED on the board will start to blink orange.


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