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I have installed McAfee VirusScan 8.8 with bundled Patch 1.

After successfully installing, I am getting some messages from Firefox 8.

It is showing something that is not good for me and my clients. It is reporting ids_ss_name ids_ss_version.

This is causing the problem randomly.  We are using this VSE 8.8 via ePO 4.6.

Has anyone come across to this problem ever?

If so, please let me know ASAP.

Error :  another program on your computer would you like to modify with the following add-on:
By McAfee, Inc.
Location: C:\program Files (x86)\Common Files\McAfee\system….
Install add-ons only from authors whom you trust.
Allow this installation
You can always change your mind at any time by going to the add-ons manager.

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Hi. First of all, as I interpret your problem with McAfee, it also happened to my computer before. And what I did and will suggest you to uninstall your McAfee safely and then try to reinstall it back. But before doing that, please take note of this, do not install siteadvisor. After this, you can try to run your Firefox again without any issues.

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This is happening probably by  the ScriptScan component for Firefox. Too bad McAfee could not supply the product name and version number . However, Scripts can be on Mozilla's blacklist:  so it probably won't work anyway. Mozilla may have changed something in how FF8 handles Add-Ins that McAfee hasn't adjusted to yet. Mozilla has moved to a 6-week update cycle for Firefox and Thunderbird. One of the big changes in FF8/TB8 is tighter control of add-ons, with more user-interaction to prevent a lot of the back-door installs from various programs.You  have to reinstall the entire epo and vse to prevent this annoying and useless addon from trying to infect your  firefox.