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Hi guys,

I was at work when I downloaded Google Chrome.

During installation, I received an error message "Installer download failed. Error code = 0x8000421f4".

Our office has a firewall that is good at screening things that aren’t work-related.

I figured it’s the firewall that prevents the complete installation of Chrome because it’s possible that the installer requires stuff from sites not allowed by the firewall.

Why doesn’t Google put everything in one file?

There’s a source code at Chromium that anyone can use to create one complete Chrome installer.

That would make installation way easier than it is now.

Waiting for your views.


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Dear User,

This could happen due to many reasons

Your internet connection is not steady, or your proxy settings are wrong.

But however as a solution to this you can try it again couple of times

If it doesn’t fix your problem try this offline standalone installer from the link given below.

Thank you 

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First you need to check your internet connection.

Or, go to the wrench tool then click settings >> show advance settings>>  then go to the network >> click the change proxy settings. A internet properties message box will pop-up then change your internet connection there>> then press ok. 

Or maybe your memory are not capable enough to save the chrome.